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A Selection of Success Stories of NIW Cases
Handled by Our Firm

approval notice
Approval notice

Dr. Wang

Dr. Wang is a scientist in the field of biochemical and biomedical research. He earned a Ph.D. degree in Chemical Physics and a Master of Science in Materials Science and Engineering from renowned universities in the US. He is currently conducting research in the development of pharmaceutical drugs at a leading U.S. university, where he is performing outstanding research and making several important discoveries that will greatly benefit the creation and delivery of new pharmaceutical drugs in the U.S.

After he retained us for his NIW case, our attorneys laid out his case and proved the exceptional quality of his experience and broad range of scientific background by six recommendation letters from influential research agencies and universities, two memberships in scientific societies, his involvement in several national projects, two pending patents to his name, and publications amounting to just about ten.

With our dedication and commitment backing the presentation of his case, Dr. WangĄ¯s petition was sent in on July 21, 2009 and approved on August 10, 2009—it only took 21 days.

approval notice
Approval notice

Mr. Chen (NIW approved without RFE, MasterĄ¯s degree and no publications)

Mr. Chen is a healthcare professional and analyst. He graduated with a B.S. from the best medical school in China, and is now currently working with a well-established investigative healthcare company in the US. He dedicates most of his profession to detecting healthcare fraud in Medicare programs. The contribution of Mr. Chen is important to help stop stealing from the Medicare Trust Fund and addresses the challenge of the rising cost of healthcare.

Frankly speaking, Mr. Chen's case is not strong. He does not have a Ph.D. degree, and has no published journal papers. However, our attorney with rich experience in conducting NIW and EB1a cases was very confident in the success of his NIW case because of his impressive work and its obvious impact on the national interest.

Upon receiving Mr. ChenĄ¯s case, our attorneys highlighted the critical movement behind his cause by emphasizing his memberships in top agencies and facilities for healthcare professionals and law enforcement alike, his presentations before investigators in national annual meetings, and six supportive reference letters from influential sources, despite no publications to his name. Our handling of his case emphasized the realities and ongoing problem of healthcare fraud, and the great need for individuals like Mr. Chen who are equipped with the skills and knowledge to enhance the quality and efficiency of the health system at every level.

Based on our experience with a wide range of cases and credentials, our attorneys submitted Mr. Chen's NIW petition for permanent residency status in the U.S. on June 30, 2009, and the case was approved without a request for evidence on August 20, 2009. We were so happy to inform Mr. Chen that his case was approved in just one and half months.