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>  Attorney Xiaohui Yu, Vice President of the US Sino Innovation Alliance, organized and participated in the 2017 Washington International Forum on Innovation and Collaboration         <2017-10-04>        Detail

>  Xiaohui Yu, a renowned attorney in the DC metro area, provided a seminar to Chinese officials at the China Center at the University of Maryland         <2017-06-30>        Detail

>  Attorney Xiaohui Yu invited to host round table discussion at Structured Finance Industry Group conference in Las Vegas          <2017-03-04>        Detail

>  Attorney Xiaohui Yu received "DC Area Outstanding Chinese Person Award" for 2015         <2016-02-16>        Detail

>  Attorney Xiaohui Yu was selected as a finalist for the "DC Area Outstanding Chinese People" award, and profiled by AC Media (VIDEO)          <2015-12-01>        Detail

>  Attorney Xiaohui Yu was invited to give a talk to visiting delegation from the National Cosmetics Industry Chamber of Commerce of China          <2015-10-08>        Detail

>  Attorney Xiaohui Yu visited Beijing and Xinjiang as elite member of Overseas Chinese Attorneys Visiting Group          <2015-08-07>        Detail

>  The Ningbo Lawyers' Association invited our founding partner/attorney Xiaohui Yu to speak about cross-border investment and immigration to the U.S.          <2015-05-18>        Detail

>  Attorney Xiaohui Yu was interviewed on Fairfax Public Access          <2015-04-03>        Detail

>  Attorney Xiaohui Yu's expert opinion was featured in an article on NetEase, a leading provider of internet technologies and online communities in China          <2015-03-20>        Detail

>  Attorney Xiaohui Yu was invited as a panelist for Washington Chinese Media's discussion panel on the H-1B visa process (VIDEO)          <2015-03-19>        Detail

>  Attorney Xiaohui Yu was interviewed by Washington Chinese Media at the Chinese Embassy's Spring Festival Reception (VIDEO)          <2015-02-08>        Detail

>  The Global Times, a top international newspaper in China, interviewed our distinguished senior attorney Xiaohui Sharon Yu          <2014-09-15>        Detail

>  Xiaohui Yu, Esq. of Yu & Associates introduced the goals and strategies of CAUCCí»s dual services for companies and entrepreneurs in both China and US at a seminar          <2014-07-28>        Detail

>  The board of Hope Chinese School unanimously voted to retain our firmí»s Attorney Xiaohui Yu as their legal counsel          <2014-02-27>        Detail

>  Attorney Yu was invited to deliver a lecture for Ningbo Notary Public Delegation from Zhejiang Province of China          <2012-09-19>        Detail

>  Law Offices of Yu & Associates was retained by a public company from Zhejiang province in China to provide legal services          <2011-09-03>        Detail

>  Yu & Associates successfully handled an EB-5 Immigration through investment case for a Chinese client          <2011-05-16>        Detail

>  Attorney Xiaohui Yu represented a listed company from Jiangsu, China, specializing in hi-tech and new energy development         <2011-03-02>        Detail

>  Yu & Associates successfully provided legal services to a Chinese entity for establishing a non-profit organization in the U.S.         <2010-08-25>        Detail

>  Our firm handled L1 visa matters for an export and import company based in Zhejiang, China         <2010-05-12>        Detail

>  Attorney Xiaohui Yu served as legal counsel to a famous Chinese manufacturing company          <2010-02-01>        Detail

>  Xiaohui Yu, Esq. gave a lecture on US trademark protection to Trademark Office of China State Administration for Industry and Commerce delegation         <2009-12-10>        Detail

>  Attorney Xiaohui Yu was invited to attend the annual budget meeting of Montgomery County, Maryland         <2009-12-01>        Detail

>  Our firm issued the legal opinion on the legal status of the US operation of a high tech Chinese company in Beijing         <2009-07-28>        Detail

>  EB-1a case for outstanding journalist handled by our firm was approved in just 2 months         <2009-07-13>        Detail

>  A & C Business News Interviewed Attorney Xiaohui Yu         <2009-07-03>        Detail

>  Yu & Associates helped a Chinese university alumni association in the U.S. obtain 501(c)(3) tax exempt status         <2009-06-26>        Detail

>  Our firm conducted due diligence on a potential OTCBB stock market listing through reverse merger for a Chinese biotech company         <2009-05-28>        Detail

>  Yu & Associates provided legal opinion for a Chinese Software Company on its US subsidiary issues         <2009-05-27>        Detail

>  Our firm obtained L-1 work visas for a major manufacturing company in China to transfer executives to its US subsidiary         <2009-02-26>        Detail

>  EB-1(a) Case for a Chinese Table Tennis Coach Approved in 5 Months         <2009-02-24>        Detail

>  Our firm successfully applied for 501(c)(3) tax exempt status for the nonprofit organization IACP         <2008-12-29>        Detail

>  Xiaohui Sharon Yu, Esq. serves on Asian American Advisory Group         <2008-11-18>        Detail

>  EB-1a case for an outstanding researcher got approved in less than 4 months without an RFE         <2008-04-09>        Detail

>  Yu & Associates established a US subsidiary for a leading preclinical CRO in China         <2008-03-25>        Detail

>  FPA television station conducted an interview with Attorney Xiaohui Yu ...         <2008-01-11>        Detail

>  Anti-dumping lecture was offered by Attorney Xiaohui Yu at the China Center of the Univ. of Maryland ...         <2007-11-29>        Detail

>  Attorney Xiaohui Yu held a meeting with senior officials from Bureau of 2010 Shanghai World Expo...         <2007-11-13>        Detail

>  Xiaohui Yu was invited to serve as a moderator at the third...         <2007-09-26>        Detail

>  Our firm provided legal services on a cooperative project between several major pharmaceutical Chinese companies and a US partner          <2007-08-07>        Detail

>  Lawyer Xiaohui Yu was invited to deliver a presentation...         <2007-04-03>        Detail

>  Attorney Xiaohui Yu was invited for a one on one interview...         <2006-11-02>        Detail

>  Xiaohui Yu was invited give a lecture to China Anhui Entrepreneur...         <2006-10-31>        Detail

>  Xiaohui Yu delivered a speech at 2006 America-China Women...         <2006-10-03>        Detail

>  Attorney Xiaohui Yu was invited as a speaker at China Trade...         <2006-04-11>        Detail

>  Attorney Xiaohui Yu was interviewed by the Journal of Commerce...         <2006-04-10>        Detail

>  Attorney Xiaohui Yu was interviewed by the Journal of Commerce...         <2006-04-10>        Detail